Practicing yoga on a regular basis, with intention and awareness, can help us identify and let go of the physical and mental patterns that no longer serve us. Physical and emotional imbalances can arise when we loose touch with ourselves.

Yoga and meditation are excellent methods for becoming more embodied and aware of how your mind organizes your experience. This is where growth and healing begins.

Katherine Winge offers group and private meditation, yoga and aqua yoga lessons as well as Reiki sessions



February 28 & March 6th, Sundays 2-5p at Soma Vida

How can your breathe expand your heart and change your world?
Join Denise & Katherine for this two-part exploration of your heart through Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, breath, and movement. Learn how to access your ever-present love through these ancient practices and let it flow from your mat into your daily life.

These workshops are open to all practice levels.

Each workshop will include:
-Philosophy talk on the Six Perfections/Practices of the Bodhisattva
-Guided Tonglen breath meditation
-Tibetan-influenced asana class with hands-on assists
-iRest yoga nidra relaxation
-Time to integrate/journal about the practice

Attend one or both classes. $45 for one class or 80 for both. Register at Inner Jewel Dharma.org